Program of Continuing Professional Development for Architects and Building Designers

The Board of Architects of Tasmania in conjunction with the Tasmanian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects is pleased to be working with the Department of Justice to deliver a program of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for designers in both Northern and Southern Tasmania to assist them in meeting their requirements for continuing their accreditation as Building Practitioners under the Building Act.

The Program is designed to offer a comprehensive CPD program to improve documentation and design standards within the industry for the benefit of the whole community. Events will be aimed specifically at architects, as well as courses targeting members of the broader construction industry, such as engineers, planners, building surveyors, building designers and project managers.  The program includes sessions on changes to licencing arrangement, the Planning legislation and updates to the BCA 2016 including the use of timber in commercial buildings.  This joint approach can be applied to such topics as Building Information Modelling (BIM), project management and best practice in documentation.  A unified approach to these types of issues will streamline the process and help stakeholders in the broader industry to develop a better understanding of issues and concerns and to find ways to address problems more effectively.

The CPD program is being arranged by the Institute and will aim to deliver approximately 30 comprehensive CPD sessions, delivered in both Northern & Southern Tasmania, covering a wide range of topics and targeting identified weaknesses in the building industry.

Details of forthcoming and past events are listed on the events page and many of them are available via webcast to assist architects in remote areas.