The Board

The Board of Architects of Tasmania (the Board) is a statutory authority established to administer the Architects Act 1929*.

The Board is composed of five members:

  • Two are appointed by the Governor
    • Dale Webster
    • Frank Ederle
  • Two practising architects elected by the Tasmanian¬†Council of the Australian Institute of Architects
    • Richard Crawford (current chair)
    • Daniel Lane

The Tasmanian President of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects

  • Stuart Tanner

 The Board is supported by the Registrar, Geoff Harper. The board is entirely self funding.

The Board’s Strategic Plan

The Board protects the interest of consumers

Architects Act and Regulations

Relationship with Building Acts & Links


*Please note,

The Architects Amendment Act 2020 received Royal Assent on 17 November 2020 however is not yet operational as the Regulations and associated documentation have yet to be finalised.