Relationship with Building Acts & Links

The Tasmanian Building Act 2016 provides the legislative framework for all building, plumbing and demolition work in Tasmania.  This requires building practitioners (builders, architects, engineers, designer and building surveyors) who take responsibility for any part of the building process for projects to be licenced under the Occupational Licensing Act administered by the Department of Justice.  Please refer to the Guide to the Building Act 2016 for more details.

To be licenced as an architect you must first be registered as an architect with the Board.

For more details on the Building Act and how to become licenced please refer to:


The Scope of work for selected licensed building service providers the Tasmanian Building Act:

Architect  Design and documentation for buildings of all classes and
unrestricted size but only if acting within their area of competence.
Building Designer – Restricted Design and documentation of Classes 1&10, and Classes 2-9 up to 3 storeys with a maximum floor area of 2000m2, and refurbishments of any storey.
Building Designer – Limited Deign and documentation of Class 1 & 10 buildings, and Class 2 – 9 buildings of up to 2 storeys with a maximum floor area of 2000 m2.
Building Designer – Domestic Design and documentation of Class 1 or 10 buildings of
unrestricted sizes (Deemed to Satisfy design solutions only)

You can check to see what Category and Class people are licenced in on the Department of Justice website