How to become an Architect & Pathways to Registration

The requirements for registration are consistent throughout Australia. Full details of the Pathways to Registration are available on the Architects Accreditation Council of Australian website.

The most common pathway to registration is completion of an accredited Australian architecture qualification followed by the Architectural Practice Examination.

In Tasmania the only currently accredited course is provided by the University of Tasmania – the Master of Architecture courseDetails of other Australian Accredited Architecture Qualifications

If you are already registered and practicing as an architect in a State or Territory in Australia you can apply for registration under Mutual Recognition by completing an APPLICATION FORM,  providing evidence of your registration, you will also need to provide a brief curriculum vitae outlining your architectural experience in the past five years, and pay the appropriate fee. Please email us on to obtain bank account details and proceed with your application.

The following three steps outline the requirements for registration as an architect:

  • have a recognised academic qualification in architecture or a pass in the National Program of Assessment (NPrA);
  • have a period of training through experience followed by successful completion of the AACA Architectural Practice Examination (APE); and
  • apply for registration to the Architects’ Board in the State or Territory in which registration is sought.


Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR)

AMR for architects has not yet commenced in Tasmania as Parliament has not passed the enabling legislation.


Applying to become Re-Registered

If an architect’s registration in Tasmania has ceased, they can apply to be re-registered :

  • If within two years – complete application form and pay appropriate fees
  • If over two years and under 5 years – complete application form, pay appropriate fees and successfully complete an Experienced Practitioner Assessment interview
  • If over 5 years –  complete application form, pay appropriate fees and successfully complete the Architectural Practice Examination

***Please note! Fees for Registration change on 1 July each year, Please make sure you download the current application on the day you submit the application form and make the payment.