Continuing Professional Development for Architects

The Board of Architects, on behalf of the Executive Director of Consumer, Building and Occupational Services is monitoring and auditing the compliance of architects to the CPD requirements under the Scheme for the Accreditation of Building Practitioners..

For 2019 and future years, the Board expects Architects to comply with the  AACA/RAIA Joint Policy on CPD by undertaking 20 hours CPD per year with at least 10 hours of formal CPD and across at least two areas of competency. Note, a signed declaration by the architects will be sufficient and a statutory declaration is no longer required.

While CPD it is not mandatory for architects who are not licensed building services providers (under the Occupational Licensing Act with the Department of Justice), the Board believes all practicing architects need to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and competence in today’s ever changing environment to provide a higher standard of service to consumers.

As part of the renewal process for architects’ registration in December each year, all architects are required to provide a CPD Record Form undertaken in the past twelve months to the Board no later than 31 January 2019.  A CPD Report   (word version) is available.  A list submitted to another Architects Board in Australia or the Department of Justice for renewal of registration/licensing in the last 7 months will be acceptable.  This record should be keep for a period of 5 years.   Random audits of the CPD will be undertaken.

The Architects’ model statutory Code of Professional Standards and Conduct which was prepared jointly by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects states at item 7.1:

“An architect must maintain and improve skills and knowledge necessary for the provision of the services through structured programmes of professional education”

 Consumers can expect an architect to adhere to this Code and the Board will use the Code when considering a complaint against an architect.

In accordance with the AACA/RAIA Joint Policy on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) the expectation is that architects will complete at least twenty (20) hours per year with at least 10 hours of formal CPD – where one hour in training equates to one CPD point.  Activities in each year should relate to a minimum of two units in the National Architecture Competency Standards – Design, Documentation, Practice Management and Project Management.

The Joint Policy states:

1.  CPD activities shall be subject to the following principles:

  • Relate to practice as an architect
  • Be additional to activities already undertaken in the normal course of an architect’s practice or employment.
  • Shall relate to one of the Units in the National Competency standard: Design, Documentation, Project management or Practice management

2.  Informal and formal CPD activity

  • Formal CPD is a learning activity with stated learning outcomes that is formally assessed or has significant interaction between presenter and learner.
  • Informal CPD is a learning activity with stated learning outcomes that involves no formal assessment process or significant interaction between presenter and learner.

As such the Board requires all architects to complete and return to the Board via email, post etc a signed CPD Report or provide a declaration that they have not met the CPD requirements.   

Architects complying with the CPD requirements will be recorded in the register, listed on the Board’s website and any other Board public listings as being CPD compliant.  Where an architect is a licensed building services provider and does not provide a statutory declaration indicating that they have complied with the CPD requirements, the Board will notify the Director of Building Control.